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Meet Amy

I       To Help Good People with their Business Numbers. 

MBA | BFA | 800+ CYT

Meet Amy. Accountant Extraordinaire. 

Not all accounting professionals are the same. There are varying degrees of education, experience, business factors, software utilized, trade secrets, life’s lessons, etc etc etc, that make up an accountant. In this case, What Amy brings to the business world is quite unique. Highly motivated and always following her passions, she has a Bachelor’s in Fine Art cross- examining Textiles (Quilting) and Women's Studies, a Master’s of Business Administration in Management & Strategy, and 5 different yoga teacher trainings. She is currently in school getting an Ayurveda Practitioner certification.

 Through the course of her passionate pursuits, she came across the practical and critical world of Accounting. What she found were the technical skills and the crucial language of business successes and failures. Her career in accounting includes the full spectrum of small to midsize/large business finance across many industries. She worked with solopreneurs. Entrepreneurs, and small businesses taking care of their books, full cycle, in a tax and bookkeeping firm in Portland. She worked in a corporate setting for a large company as property management accountant & asset manager while being part of an accounting team. Next she helped a local mid-size Bend company through a big transition during a buyout, managing all aspects of Accounting, Finance and Human Resources for them.


Because of all her various roles and tasks throughout her accounting career, she is well equipped to handle a multitude of situations and ready to tackle your particular needs. She is also known for facilitating yoga business retreats geared towards heart-based entrepreneurs which combine practical business strategy sessions, masterminds, networking, yoga, meditation, bodywork, and really good food. 

She decided to go beyond the corporate office setting because she really wanted to serve small businesses to help them achieve their successes. Through accounting, financial understanding, and strategic business consulting, her skills can paint a complete picture of where a business is, where the business wants to go, and how they are going to get there. She has a knack for seeing the bigger picture, for seeing the inner workings across functional areas within the business, for visionary strategic planning, that some accountants lack due to their limited understandings. But she has had a dynamic business career and continues to stay on top of the latest trends both in accounting and the general business world. It is truly satisfying to see good people achieve great things.

Currently Amy resides in the beautiful nature  wonderland of Bend, Oregon. She can be found out & about on her yoga mat or the gym, snuggling her adorable Chihuahua, cheering on the Timbers, falling off her paddleboard after taking a yoga pose too far, hiking, cooking up a fierce vegetarian Ayurvedic feast, and pursuing her latest passion - SURFING.

Reach out to Amy today and add some value to your company. 

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